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About me: I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and physician. I have been in private practice medical oncology since 2003. I was called to this field at a young age, knowing after my father fell ill with lymphoma that I would one day be an oncologist. The Lord has carried me through this journey, even through times I resisted – strongly. I love art, photography, music, and the beauty of both the world we live in and the people around us. I strive every day to live the life God has planned for me and I love sharing my experience with others.

I love feedback and comments, so please don’t hesitate to message me or leave notes as you read the blog.

I hope you will be moved with what you read here.



If you would like to read from my previous blog site, you can find it here:
I transitioned to wordpress, but earlier entries can still be found on the blogspot address…

4 thoughts on “About me, about this blog…

  1. Heather
    Was very impressed with your Blog…and the excellent job you did with our pictures Friday night. Thanks


  2. You are a blessing to many, I’m sure; but right now you are being used as a gift in & for the life on one who is precious to me, Carmen White, from Manteo. She is so encouraged to have a Believer caring for her, & many of us are blessed that the Lord has seen fit to provide her with your care. Please know that there is a church, a family, a body of Believers around the world who have united in prayer on Carmen & Andrew’s behalf, but also for her medical team, that includes You!
    I pray for you to be filled with all the knowledge you will need at each stage of Carmen’s treatment, that you will have Holy Spirit wisdom to use that knowledge as needed. I pray that the Lord will protect you and your family and loved ones as you focus on caring for you patients, that you will be able to rest, & not be anxious for those you love. I pray that the drugs you order will be manufactured accurately & in sufficient quantity for those who need them; & administered with skill. I pray the equipment and facility will be washed pure and clean by the Spirit. And, when Carmen is well, the cancer is proclaimed ‘cured’, then the God who orchestrates all this will be given praise for Who He is, & thanks given for giving you into this precious young lady’s life. Amen!!


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